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LIVE designs organ-related lifestyle products, Streetwear and Urban Art. Organ is fundemental to life. It utilizes the basic parts of body, to represents the enthusiasm of living. LIVE creates luxurious product in the theme of organ, in order to emphasize ‘Life is precious and treasurable’. 

The brand, ‘LIVE’ is founded by three designers in Hong Kong. HZ01 project is awarded by Microfund 2018, and selling in SDWork retail store, exhibited in Meet Taipei 2018, Design Inspire 2018 in BODW (Business of Design Week), will be exhibited in Entrepreneur Day 2019 and Design Gallery Window Showcase. The heart organ product series is successfully launched with both financial support and prove of  market validation. It has been featured by Hong Kong Economic Times Press, Topick Media and RTHK Radio Interview.

Press & Media:

Hong Kong Economic Times Press: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlQsSt67dvL5hk62QM5uWFQVxgYh

Topick Media: https://topick.hket.com/article/2164629?lcc=at


Meet Taipei 2018
Design Inspire 2019 (Business of Design Week 2019)
Entrepreneur Day 2019
Design Gallery Window Showcase (Mid-May 2019)



Funded by Microfund 2018

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