Roly-Poly, Scented Candle holder, made by Jingdezhen 「瓷都」- 景德鎮

Bv03 is in the shape of blood vessel, as human emotion is always related to pulse, blood pressure and heartbeat. It symbolizes the relaxation in mental concern. In additional to its roly-poly structure, swinging of Bv03 leads shakiness of flame and gentle movement of light, which helps relaxing and sleeping. Combining roly-poly and candleholder is unique in market. The material selection is the purified porcelain, which is manufactured in Jingdezhen, the ‘Porcelain Capital’, maintaining the high quality of product.

Bv03 Scented Candle Holder (Porcelain Handcrafted )

SKU: Bv03

    EXCLUSIVE OFFER (10% profit of each product purchase goes to '關心你的心' , the NGO supporting organ donation in HK.

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