Hz01 is a LED table / bedside lamp with USB plug, PVC lamp shade, metal stand, corkwood mat.

Hz01 aims to support Organ Donation. 10% profit of each Hz01 product will be donated to「關心你的心」, the NGO supporting organ donation in Hong Kong. Hz01 product is the awardee of Microfund 2018, and exhitbited in Meet Taipei 2018, Design Inspire 2018 in BODW 'Business of Design Week'.

Hz01 Heart Lamp

SKU: Hz01
Color: Precious Life Gold
  • - 1 to 1 scale to human organ

    - Luxurious Gold 

    - LED light bulb

    - USB power supply

    - Height: 255mm, radius: 50mm
    - Coorporation with organ donation organization, educational information in packaging leaflets

EXCLUSIVE OFFER (10% profit of each product purchase goes to '關心你的心' , the NGO supporting organ donation in HK.

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